The following is the agenda for the next General Assembly meeting. Join us on Sunday, November 18 immediately following Divine Services in the Church for our Assembly. All active stewards of the Church of Saint Anna are encouraged to participate.  

1.     Prayer & Call to Order

2.     Selection of General Assembly Chair

3.     Approval of Minutes of previous GA, Mark Mellis

4.     Clergy Report – Fr. Christopher, Fr. Seraphim and Dn. Joseph 

5.     President’s Report – George Papailias

6.    Old Business

a.    Sanctuary Build Update (Paul Stamas & Jason Jurrens)

b.    Building Fund Campaign (John and Susie Sobchak)

c.    Expanding Regional Ministry (Fr. Christopher Flesoras)

7.    New Business

a.    Treasurer’s Report: 2018 Budget and Proposed 2019 Budget (Christy Moustris)

b.    How To Pay For Our Sanctuary (Gary Arnold)

8.    For the Good of the Parish – Open Remarks

9.    Closing Prayer

10.  Adjournment