Parish Council

Lay leaders of the community share in administering the sacred ministry that has been entrusted to the Parish Priest. Our Parish Council is comprised of 15 stewards who serve a two-year term of office. To be eligible to run for the Parish Council, the candidates must be in “good standing” with the Church, essentially serving as models of Christian stewardship, and must attend a seminar organized by the Parish Priest, in which we discuss the concept of Parish ministry.

Once elected, our Parish Council members retreat for a day, during which we discuss our Faith as well as make plans to better address the needs and opportunities of our community. Council members assist the clergy in the administration of affairs and ministries of the Parish; establish the appropriate committees, including but not limited to Stewardship, Finance, Fundraising, etc.; prepare budgets for the Parish’s administration; collect the revenue of the Parish; and adhere to the Charter, the Regulations and decisions made by the Clergy-Laity Congresses.

Any correspondence can be addressed to Mr. George Papailias.

Other Members:

David Burkhard

Timothy Burkhard

Penny Changaris

Phyllis Dindio

Larry Finney

Peter Knoblich

Issaam Maalouf

Jerry Mathew

Emil Sicoe

Nicholas Tziavaras


George Papailias PRESIDENT


Christy Moustris, TREASURER