Our Bells

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            On July 9, 2017, Rev. Fr. Peter Salmas of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross (Belmont, California) and our parish clergy blessed a set of five bells that were generously donated to Saint Anna Parish by Olga Gromova (mother of Olena Perry) a few weeks prior. The bells, beautifully decorated in iconography, came from the Litex Bell Foundry in Moscow, Russia. They were placed on a hand-crafted portable belfry built by Angelo Kalogero. Their voices rung out in service for the first time on July 23rd, during the Great Doxology. 

Bell Ringers

The purpose of the Bell-ringing ministry is to ring the Church bells at the appropriate times throughout the Divine Services. The bells announce the beginning of the services, proclaiming the gospel through their joyous, heavenly-like sound; they call the Church to prayer and worship.    

Bells are sometimes referred to as "singing icons" because they establish the acoustic space of an Orthodox temple just as painted icons and hymnography define its visual and noetic space, respectively.

Our Parish is adopting a Typikon, that is a rule, for how and when the bells are rung.  Should you wish to be trained in bell ringing or sponsor the purchase of additional bells for the tower, upon completion of the Sanctuary, please contact the church office.