Who We Are 

Our church family has as its purpose the calling to share the new life in Jesus Christ among the faithful and through them to the wider community. While this parish was established in Roseville in 1998 and has been in its present location since 2007, Orthodox Christianity has spanned the globe since A.D. 33. 

Saint Anna Church in Roseville was originally founded by a small group of Greek Americans, but today the parish aptly reflects the American experience and comprises approximately 200 families representing at least 12 different nationalities, all witnessing to the Good News of Jesus Christ, striving to reflect His love, and living according to the ancient Christian principles and disciplines of the Orthodox Christian Church.

The Saint Anna Church family is a vibrant community of faithful Christians of varied backgrounds who are committed to serving God and loving our neighbors by adhering to Orthodox Christian principles that are concurrently Scriptural, Traditional, Apostolic and Eucharistic. 

The parish is committed to serving the Lord, manifesting the light of Christ to the world and meeting the needs of God’s people through His Good News. The doors of the Saint Anna are open to anyone who wants a deep relationship with God and would like to be part of Christ’s plan to help others in His name and love.

“Come and See!"

Our connection to Mt. Athos


The peninsula of Mount Athos, also known as the Holy Mountain, is the most eastern peninsula of the Halkidiki prefecture in Northern Greece. Monasticism, in a hermit form, appeared here around the fifth century.  The first communal form of monasticism was present by the tenth century with the founding of the Monastery of the Great Lavra by Saint Athanasios the Great.  Since the tenth century, this peninsula of twenty monasteries and their respective “sketes” (cloisters or small settlements with a central church that is called “Kyriakon”) has retained a degree of autonomy, is spiritually nurtured and accountable only to the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

The Skete of Saint Anna is the oldest and the largest Skete of Mount Athos, remaining in the spiritual care of the Great Lavra.  It is located on the southwestern shore of the peninsula, situated some 500 meters up on the cliffs above the sea.  The Skete is accessible either by boat, one hour from the port of Daphne, followed by a climb of over 2,000 steps from the sea floor (approximately one hour hike) or by foot, a six and a half hour hike from the aforementioned monastery.

The main Church of the Skete, the Kyriakon of Saint Anna, was built in the middle of the seventeenth century.  In the eighteenth century, the Church was expanded and fully ornamented with frescoes.  The library which is attached to the Church contains some 100 manuscript codices, of which three are on parchment.  The treasures of the Skete include the left foot of Saint Anna, a piece of the Holy Cross, the Holy Relics of at least seventy other saints, and a miracle working icon depicting Saint Anna and her daughter Mary.

Approximately 120 brothers are attached to one of the 50+ Brotherhoods of the Skete of Saint Anna, most with their own residence and chapel.  These brothers maintain a discipline of work, prayer, self-reflection and study.  During the summer months, they also offer hospitality to their over 100 pilgrims a day.  The community is administered by a Dikaios, superintendent, who is elected from among the brothers to serve the term of one year.      

Situated some 50 meters above the central Church is the house (a kalyva) and chapel of the Theophileon Brotherhood.  Founded by the priestmonk Theophileos in the 18th Century, the house was constructed over a small cave which the Brotherhood maintains was inhabited as early as 6th century.  The cornerstone of the current building was set in 1745 while the house and chapel were renovated in 1986.    

One of the elders of the Theophileon Brotherhood was the priestmonk Anthimos who reposed in 1996.  Father Anthimos is considered to be one of the most recently identified “saints” of the Athonite peninsula.  His relics are enshrined within their chapel, dedicated to the Feast of the Presentation of Mary to the Temple, commemorated on November 21.   Three brothers currently reside in this kalyva - the V. Rev. Fr. Cherubim Apostolou, the V. Rev. Fr. Theophilos Kougioumtzidis, and the V. Rev. Fr. Anthimos Igglezis.

On account of the gifting services of Holy Relics to our Parish from this Brotherhood, we have maintained a blessed relationship with the Skete of Saint Anna.  We have received the Elder of this Brotherhood to our Parish on two occasions, commissioned (and possess) icons of the Great Feasts of the Church from the hand of the Fr. Theophilos, sent a number of men to the Skete to receive their hospitality and spiritual care, and regularly send a listing of names to be included in the prayers of the Brotherhood. In thanksgiving, we have funded an iconography Program for the Chapel dedicated to the Holy Fathers of the Skete of Saint Anna and make a yearly offering to the Brotherhood.

For further reading materials on Mount Athos, the Skete of Saint Anna, and other monasteries, please visit our Archangel Bookstore. Donations in support of the ministry and projects of the brotherhood can be made at our donate page, or by contacting the Church Office.