Parish Pilgrimage to Northern Greece & Cyprus (Prayer Requests)

Join the V. Rev. Fr. Constantine Moralis, Dean of the Annunciation Cathedral in Baltimore, MD, Fr. Christopher Flesoras of our Parish and a group of stewards in prayer as they travel through Northern Greece and Cyprus.  Traditionally, names for the living and those asleep in the Lord are offered at sacred sites. In order to benefit our faithful as well as those that we call to mind, a form has been created through which you may submit names to be commemorated in prayer.  Simply follow this link and begin submitting names. You may use the form as many times as necessary, but please do not repeat any names. PLEASE follow the instructions on the form. It is imperative that you separate names with a comma.  Also, please do not submit names in any other way (i.e., written, email, text, etc.) so that they can all be kept in one place.  These names will be commemorated at various times throughout the 2016 Pilgrimage.  The link to the form is: