"Mochas for Missions"

The Metropolis of San Francisco Commission for Orthodox Missions and Evangelism (C.O.M.E.) has launched her annual Mochas for Missions campaign! Formerly known as Pennies and Prayers, this effort is dedicated to raising awareness about individual, parish and Metropolis Missions and Evangelism programs. The concept is to encourage people to voluntarily sacrifice small treats – like a $4 mocha – during the three-month campaign period and direct those funds to support growing Orthodox Christianity instead. Mochas for Missions is the primary fundraising campaign to support missions and evangelism efforts throughout the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco.

"This is a unique opportunity for all of us, as individuals and as communities, to support this important effort. Spreading our faith is paramount to our mission as Orthodox Christians," stated His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos. "There is no better way to begin our journey through Great and Holy Lent than with charitable giving focusing on sharing the love of Jesus Christ through His Gospel."

In 2015, 53 parishes participated in the campaign, raising $34,203 for Missions and Evangelism. This year’s goal is $45,000 which can easily be accomplished if all parishes use the resources provided through C.O.M.E. to educate their faithful about the Metropolis' vision to grow Orthodox Christianity. Mochas for Missions is also an ideal time to highlight the parish’s efforts to share the Gospel and recruit new membership and participation in the parish Missions and Evangelism Ministry.

For more information or additional assistance with Mochas for Missions, please contact our Parish Missions coordinator, Shaine Kennedy, shaine.kennedy@gmail.com or Thomaida Hudanish, C.O.M.E. Assistant Director, come@sanfran.goarch.org, 503-277-3928.