Volunteer for the 2017 Festival

Volunteer for the 2017 Festival!  Please follow the instructions below: 

1. Look in the upper right hand corner of the church web page for the “NAVIGATION BAR” with the page titles. If you are using an ipad or cell phone, you may see a square NAVIGATION BAR of white bands, so click on that instead. When you see the drop down screen, select the word VOLUNTEER.

2. Our Volunteer Options are: Greek Food & Wine Festival, Coffee Hour and Candle Duty.

3. Click on the section of choice. You will be forwarded to the SignUp Genius webpage for that area of interest.

Follow the next steps:

4. Scroll down to the Tasks / Area of interest, then to the date(s) and time(s) you wish to volunteer. (DO NOT SIGNUP THROUGH THE GREEN UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER FIRST.)

5. Click on the box or series of boxes for the dates you can volunteer. Check marks should appear in the boxes you select.

6. Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Submit and SignUp”.

7. The window that appears shows the date(s)/time(s) you request.

8. You now have two options: Existing users can login or new users can create a new account.

9. Check the optional boxes as preferred (email for calendar, display alternate name, phone number).

10. Click on SIGN UP NOW! You should receive an email confirmation along withemail reminders for your selected shifts.

For Help with SignUp Genius contact Susie Sobchak. ssobchak at gmail.com