Spring General Assembly (Proposed Agenda)

On Sunday, April 30, our Parish will gather for our Spring General Assembly.  Although we will be providing an update for our building program (plan review, contractor selection, loan process) as well as discuss our forthcoming Greek Food and Wine Festival, we’ve also intentionally asked leaders from our various ministries to briefly speak, sharing highlights from their ministries.  It’s truly amazing (and humbling) to realize just how much Christ-centered activity is always taking place around us at the Parish.  And, with so many new people at the Parish, it’s important that we’re all familiar with opportunities to not only pray, but also to work together.  It is ultimately for this reason that we are building a Sanctuary – so we can glorify God and serve others, all unto salvation!  

Our General Assembly will also provide us the opportunity to have a meal together.  It will be one of our Parish potlucks, so please bring a portion of our common meal.