Feasts of Ss. Joachim and Anna (10th Anniversary of the Reception of their Holy Relics)

As we anticipate the Feasts of Ss. Joachim and Anna on September 9th, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the reception of their Holy Relics, and the 12th anniversary of the reception of the Holy Relic of St. Anna, I invite you to thank God for His abundant goodness that has brought us to this point as a Parish.  It’s been humbling, reflecting upon these giftings and the subsequent blessings and miracles that have been wrought through their holy intercessions.  And, I will admit, it’s humbling and awesome to think of the blessings that have yet to be realized as we build up the Body of Christ –welcoming others into the Orthodox Christian Church – and construct a sanctuary to the glory of God, through the prayers of Ss. Joachim and Anna.

In addition to praying Divine Services through Sunday, I again invite you on behalf of the clergy, the Parish Council and the Philoptochos to join us as we commemorate these blessings on Saturday evening following Great Vespers.  I also encourage you to visit our website and to learn about the spiritual treasurers we have in our midst, https://www.saintanna.org/the-holy-relics-of-saints-joachim-and-anna/ Through their holy prayers, may our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless each of us, granting us every good gift unto salvation.

Our liturgical schedule is as follows:

6 Sept                    Akathist to Ss. Joachim and Anna, 6pm

7 Sept                    Orthros and Liturgy, 6PM (Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos)

8 Sept                    Supplication to Ss. Joachim and Anna, 6PM

9 Sept                    Orthros and Liturgy, 9AM (Feast of Ss. Joachim and Anna)

                               Great Vespers, 5PM

                               Parish Dinner Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Reception

                               of the Holy Relics of Ss. Joachim and Anna

10 Sept                  Orthros and Liturgy

                              Luncheon in memory of Rev Fr. Demetrius Dogias and in support of our

                              Parish Seminarians