Parish Council Elections

Helpful Information for those who are prayerfully considering their service on the Parish Council

Each and every baptized Orthodox Christian realizes his or her life in Christ in the local parish.  First and foremost, the clergy and laity gather in the Church to celebrate the Divine Liturgy, under the spiritual care of a hierarch, from an Altar Table, receiving the Holy Eucharist from a chalice.  The fullness of the Orthodox Christian Church, as expressed and realized in a Metropolis, an Archdiocese a Patriarchate, is experienced in a Parish!

As members of the Body of Christ, each of us will logically serve the Lord and His Church uniquely.  Whether we assist with Divine Services, philanthropy, studies, fellowship, the maintenance and expansion of our grounds, or hospitality, the work is sacred.  And in each and every expression of our stewardship, no matter how unique, our commonalities as Orthodox Christians is that we serve with faith, Grace, humility, love and joy.

Those men and women who desire to assist with the servant leadership of an Orthodox Christian community are invited to serve on the Parish Council.  The role of a council member is truly spiritual as he or she assists the clergy in the administrative responsibilities of the Parish.  Collegially, the clergy and laity acknowledge the importance of and work toward strengthening the earthly ministry of Christ through God’s Church. 

In accordance with the 2007 Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, all candidates seeking to serve on the Parish Council must attend a PARISH COUNCIL SEMINAR organized by the Parish Council and under the leadership of the Parish Priest. The purpose of the Seminar is to prepare candidates for their service, as well as making aware of the sacred responsibilities expected of a Council member.

PARISH COUNCIL SEMINARS will be held on: Wednesday, December 5following the Akathist Prayer at 6PM and on Thursday, December 13at the Parish Office. All potential Parish Council members, including those seeking re-election, must attend the Seminar.

In order to be eligible, one must complete the Application for candidacy form and return it to the Parish Office before or on Thursday, December 13.  Please contact Fr. Christopher, a member of our Parish Council or attend one of the scheduled seminars to learn more about this sacred opportunity.  

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