Grief & Bereavement Group

Please join Justine Hoff, M.A. and Fr. Christopher as they explore the spiritual, social, and emotional implications around loss of a loved one. No matter who or when a loved one passed, we encourage you to share your journey with like-minded individuals who can relate and empathize with you. With her skills from her M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy, Justine will lead the processing aspect of the group while Fr. Christopher will address the spiritual dimension of both the deceased and the one left behind. Group will meet for 6 sessions, twice monthly on Wednesdays on the following days from 7:00-8:00pm:

9/12      Introduction/Story Telling

9/26      Life Left Behind (The current state of the bereaved)

10/10    How Our Departed Ones Live (Education from Fr. Chris)

10/24    Battling Expectation vs. Hope (Unraveling expectations from self or others, but also hopes for the future and feelings therein)

11/7      The Theology of Death/Christ and Death (Christ in the midst of loss, the present help of spiritual resources lead by Fr. Chris)

11/21    Moving Forward vs. Moving On (Living life in light of the loss)

For more information, please contact me in the Church Office, 916-772-9372