2019 Parish Council

On Sunday, 13 January, we took the opportunity to both thank and also pray for those men and women who have served and now serve on our Parish Council. Again, we are blessed to have a truly faithful and dynamic group of stewards that will assist the clergy of our Parish with the ministry of the Church that reaches far beyond the confines of our Church grounds.  

Our 2019 Parish Council Officers and members are as follows: 

Christy Moustris, President
Mark Mellis, Vice President
Larry Finney, Treasurer
Timothy Burkhard, Secretary

Penny Changaris
Phyllis Dindio
Peter Knoblich
Richard Kopp
Hannah Lorenz
Jerry Mathew
George Papailias
Elaine Pappas
Marci Pelka
Emil Sicoe
Nick Tziavaras

Please keep these men and women in your prayers, asking God to grant them every blessing as they labor in His vineyard and to His glory!