Volunteer for ushering and candle duties

Hello volunteers,

Thank you for considering helping with candle duty. We greatly appreciate that you are taking your time to volunteer. If you choose to take part in this volunteer opportunity please take a look at what this duty entails and then choose a date that works best for you! Again, we appreciate the time you are taking to help our church!

On your day, Please arrive before 9:00 am as to make sure you are there to greet parishioners as they enter the church. You will be assisting them to get their candles and bulletins.

If a person asks for a large red candle to be taken to the Theotokos or Jesus side of the altar that is to be done when the clergy are in the altar area. Please make sure not to walk in front of the altar if you are delivering a candle to either side.

Prior to communion you will count the money that was donated for candles according to the directions posted on the candle room door and place in one of the two money bags provided in the candle room.

You will also be the person who serves as a guide during communion and will let each row know when it is time to leave their pew area. Usually, the children take communion first as they are on their way to Sunday school.

Finally, you would  take the stewardship baskets up, say the stewardship payer and distribute the baskets to each row in the church.

I know this sounds like a big job, but don't let that detour you from giving it a try. There are always 3-4 people assigned any given week and the veterans will walk new people through the process.

Serving on candle duty is a wonderful way to get to know our parishioners and help out at the church! We thank you for your time and consideration!

If you find that you are unable to make it on your intended day, please make arrangements to have your slot filled or contact Christy Moustris.

If you need help signing up please call 530-368-6475 or click on the small envelope below to send an email.