Preparing for Long-term Missions- St Anna Steward & Soon-to-be graduate of Holy Cross, Jennifer Rice

A bit about Jennifer: 

During the summers of 2014 and 2015, Jennifer Rice participated in several short term mission teams offered through the Orthodox Christian Mission Center which assisted in discerning her call to serve the church as a missionary upon graduation from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. Jennifer partnered with the newly Orthodox faithful in Guatemala in the pioneering efforts of the first music ministry mission team sent to offer catechetical instruction on the hymns of the church.

She was fortunate to return the following summer to collaborate with local communities by assisting in the renovation of a building into a future medical clinic in an ongoing effort by the Orthodox Church in Guatemala to tend to both the bodies and souls in the communities she serves. Jennifer is appreciative of these opportunities as well as the blessing to continue to serve in a long term capacity with the Orthodox Church in Guatemala by drawing on her experience and love for singing the hymns of the church.

Jennifer has been very grateful for your prayers, enthusiastic encouragement, and support in sending her on behalf of St. Anna’s to serve the Church. While attending Holy Cross, Jennifer also completed coursework towards a certificate from the Boston Theological Institute in Missions and Ecumenism. In addition to her studies, Jennifer served as President of the Missions Committee, assisted in the Office of Student Life, tutored students in the campus Writing Center, and was a staff member for the CrossRoad Institute.

Jennifer also holds a Master of Science degree in Higher Education from Drexel University, as well as a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a Bachelors of Art in Studio Art from California State University, Sacramento. Prior to attending Holy Cross School of Theology, Jennifer assisted in many facets of the youth and young adult ministries and was involved in the chanting of the services at St. Anna’s in addition to her responsibilities as a high school English teacher. Jennifer is currently seeking your continued prayers and support of mission work as she prepares to serve as a long term missionary through the Orthodox Christian Mission Center.

If you would like to offer your financial support, please visit here.

Volunteer for ushering and candle duties

Hello volunteers,

Thank you for considering helping with candle duty. We greatly appreciate that you are taking your time to volunteer. If you choose to take part in this volunteer opportunity please take a look at what this duty entails and then choose a date that works best for you! Again, we appreciate the time you are taking to help our church!

On your day, Please arrive before 9:00 am as to make sure you are there to greet parishioners as they enter the church. You will be assisting them to get their candles and bulletins.

If a person asks for a large red candle to be taken to the Theotokos or Jesus side of the altar that is to be done when the clergy are in the altar area. Please make sure not to walk in front of the altar if you are delivering a candle to either side.

Prior to communion you will count the money that was donated for candles according to the directions posted on the candle room door and place in one of the two money bags provided in the candle room.

You will also be the person who serves as a guide during communion and will let each row know when it is time to leave their pew area. Usually, the children take communion first as they are on their way to Sunday school.

Finally, you would  take the stewardship baskets up, say the stewardship payer and distribute the baskets to each row in the church.

I know this sounds like a big job, but don't let that detour you from giving it a try. There are always 3-4 people assigned any given week and the veterans will walk new people through the process.

Serving on candle duty is a wonderful way to get to know our parishioners and help out at the church! We thank you for your time and consideration!

If you find that you are unable to make it on your intended day, please make arrangements to have your slot filled or contact Christy Moustris.

If you need help signing up please call 530-368-6475 or click on the small envelope below to send an email. 

Pan Orthodox Christian Great Vespers

Join us as we celebrate the triumph of Orthodoxy. 

Saturday, March 19 6PM

Saint Anna Parish 1001 Stone Canyon Dr Roseville 916.772.9372

As the Prophets saw, as the Apostles taught, as the Church has received, as the Teachers express in dogma, as the inhabited world understands together with them, as grace illumines, as the truth makes clear, as error has been banished, as wisdom makes bold to declare, as Christ has assured, so we think, so we speak, so we preach, honoring Christ our true God, and his Saints, in words, in writings, in thoughts, in sacrifices, in churches, in icons, worshipping and revering the One as God and Lord, and honoring them because of their common Lord as those who are close to him and serve him, and making to them relative veneration. This is the faith of the Apostles; this is the faith of the Fathers; this is the faith of the Orthodox.

Homilist: Rev. Fr. Gregory Edwards St. Sava Parish Jackson Guests Speaker: Dr. Frank Papatheofanis, President & Founder, St. Katherine College

Join the Pan Orthodox Christian Church community of Northern California as she gathers on the first Saturday evening of Great & Holy Lent to commemorate the solemn proclamation of a regional Synod of Constantinople in 843, convened under Empress Theodora, concerning the veneration of icons. We will gather as clergy and laity, young and older, to celebrate the restoration of icons to their rightful place…we will gather to celebrate anew the Triumph or Orthodoxy…we will gather to celebrate the newest accredited Orthodox Christian College in America, St. Katherine College!