Book of Daniel Study Class begins Jan 17


It is with great joy that we announce a new study class, an evening Bible Study, led by our Pastoral Assistant,  Beginning on January 17, Jason Ivey will explore the Old Testament book of Daniel on Wednesday evenings, immediately after the Akathist Service (6:30-8pm).  A beautifully written piece by Fr.  Tadros Yacob Malaty about the book of Daniel and its significance for us as Christians is found below.

The Book of DANIEL: A book for every believer

The book of Daniel has a special significance in the life of believers, for it is not a record of Daniel’s life nor to an era of the history of the Israelites during the Babylon captivity, but rather it is a divine book, which the Holy Spirit offers us to instill hope in the hurt souls. Sometimes, God allows throwing us in the fiery furnace of trials, yet He changes the nature of fire for our comfort and peace.

From one aspect, this book reveals to us that God is the Controller of all history, who does for the edification of his faithful believers in any place. From another aspect, this book reveals to us that God is glorified in the very few whom are sincere to Him. He is their support in sanctifying their lives and a fiery fence that protects them and He arranges everything for their salvation.

Since God allows his believers to go through tribulations, as He allowed Daniel while still a youth, yet He elevated him to the highest level so that the greatest king at that time came and worshipped him, realizing that the Spirit of the Holy One is inside him. God enlightened his vision to grant him not only wisdom so he may know the king’s dreams and explain it to him, and not only to conduct all the matters of the kingdom wisely, but rather to enjoy the surpassing mysteries of God, so the Spirit may reveal to him the future and eternal work of God with humanity.

It is the book of divine friendship, which can elevate the believer’s heart to a surpassing heavenly life, even if he lived as a captive in his sojourn.

It is the book of divine knowledge, which God offers to His chosen and beloved people. This knowledge stems from faith from a heart filled with divine love. This knowledge is granted through the experience of severe tribulation and enduring sufferings for the sake of God and His people. The book also reveals how Satan tries to take away this knowledge by destroying our faith.

Lastly, this book is directed to every believer to realize his living role in the church life as well as the life of all the human race, for Daniel was not devoted for the ministry and prophecy, but rather he was like the prime minister in a country which dominated the whole world. He knew how to give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. Daniel did not go back to Jerusalem like those who came back from the captivity, and did not participate in building the gate of Jerusalem, and did not restore building the temple with Zorbabel, but he was the first man who worked in secret in these matters. He influenced the kings of Babel and Persia; he offered a great service through his holy life and his faithfulness in his work.

May the Spirit of God enlighten our vision so we may discover His divine mysteries, know Him, accept His friendship with us, so He may use us in whatever place He sees suitable for the building of His kingdom.